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Nemesis Mod Magnet Switch Converter

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The Nemesis magnet switch washers is a simple quick way to convert your spring loaded firing button into a magnet switch. The springs can weaken over time, and switching to magnets can prolong your button firing. The 2 magnetic washers are made from Nd, Fe, B and other metal elements to create a nice strong polarity.

This kit will include 2 neodymium super magnets. (Nemesis mod firing button not included, only pictured for display purposes)

For photos and a basic guide, click the instructions tab on this page.

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**Note: The magnet washers are fragile and can break easily. Please handle them with care. The best method seems to be sliding them off one another rather than prying them off. Also, view our instructions tab for installation

Regarding tracking information:

When your magnets are shipped, you will receive a notification that the package has been shipped and a tracking number provided. For Nemesis Magnets, the numbers provided is not a tracking number and instead it is a confirmation receipt number of proof of shipment. Because this item is considered First Class free shipping, we package them in a large manila envelope and the delivery times is normally 3-5 business days from the time of your order being shipped.

This only applies if you are only ordering the Nemesis Magnets or other items such as vinyl wraps and Kanthal Wire or Silica Wick. To simplify, any shipping method at the final checkout displaying as "First Class Free Ship" will not contain tracking numbers.

We have created a quick guide to apply the magnets to and convert them from spring load switch to magnetic.

1. Press down on the black plastic while unscrewing your silver plated contact pin. This will disassemble your switch. There will be 4-5 pieces (including the firing button). Some may be equipped with 2 springs.

2. Once the items are disassembeled, you should see the following pieces.

3. Carefully separate the 2 magnets as they are very delicate. The method is by sliding the 2 magnets off rather then prying. Then, place one magnet washer onto the inner base of your firing button.

4. After you place the first magnet onto the base, have the second washer in it's reverse polarity and by holding the second washer, attach the brass fitting/plastic screw piece. Hold them together, while lining up the slits to place your pin through. The photo below is to demonstrate that the magnet diameters are the same measurements as the hole fitting. Every magnet are idnetical in diameter when we ship them out and should not contain any fitment issues.

5. Here, you can view with the brass screw w/plastic fitting on top of the second magnet without the pin. The brass fitting and firing button are lined up to match the opening for the pin to be inserted.

6. By holding down the brass screw w/plastic fitting, continue matching the slits and insert the pin.

7. Continue holding the fitting down with the pin inserted, screw on your silver plated contact and you now have a magnet switch!

Note: The magnets are seated below the small side pin, the brass fitting w/plastic sits above and the small side pin will fit inside.

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