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Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery Mod

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Brand: Aspire
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The Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery is a great addition if you own an Atlantis Tank. The device is equipped with a built-in 2000mAh capacity rechargeable battery, capable of producing a max out current of 40A. The mod is great for sub ohm atomizers that can take as low as 0.3ohm. The tube is made with stainless steel and a beautiful carbon fiber housing. The unique spring connector technology ensures to always provide a strong connection between the battery and atomizer attachment. The stainless steel metal button makes it easy to press and lights around the button for different purposes.


  • Stainless steel tube w/carbon fiber (available in 4 different finishes)
  • Saftey vent holes
  • Stainless steel metal button
  • Turn on/off w/LED indicator
  • 2000mAh battery capacity
  • Unique spring connector
  • Compatible with 0.3-1.0ohm

Using :

  • Turn on/off : Press the button 5 times in succession in 2 seconds. The LED will blink 3 times ( both blue and orange) and button will illuminte blue active and ON . Repeat the same process to turn OFF.
  • Usage: Press the button and inhale at the same time.
  • LED light indicator : Blue - Battery Voltage 3.5v-4.2v
  • Orange- Battery Voltage below 3.5v
  • Output Voltage : 4.2v full power output
  • Compatible with : 0.3ohms -1.0 ohms


  • Available Capacity: 2000mah
  • Low Battery Indication : Battery Orange indicator light blinks 15 times
  • Charger Specification : 4.2 output
  • Complete battery charger : 2-5 hours

Charging instruction:
1.Unscrew the battery from the vaping components.
2.Gently screw battery into the USB charger.
3.Plug the USB into the supplied wall charger or computer.
4.The battery will flash 3 times and then turn solid in color (Orange light in 3.2-3.5V,
Blue light in 3.5-4.15V).
5.The light on the USB charger will be red when charging.
6.Once fully charged, the USB charger will display a green light, and the LED light on
battery will turn off. - See more at:

  1.     Unscrew the battery from vaping components
  2.     Gently screw the battery in to USB charger
  3.     Plug the USB in to supplied wall charger or computer
  4.     The battery will flash 3 times and then turn into solid in color . (orange :3.2v-3.5v ;Blue 3.5v-4.15v)
  5.     Light on USB charger will be red when battery full charging
  6.     Once fully charged the light on charger will turn green and LEd light on battery will turn OFF

Protection Function:

  • Over Charge Protection : When the battry is over-charged (beyond 4.25v) the in built microchip will automatically stop the charging
  • Over discharge Protection: When battery cell voltage is less than 3.2v(low battery), the atomizer will remain OFF and the orange LED will blink 15 times.
  • Atomizer Short Circuit Protection : If heating coils are short circuited while vaping, the LED lights(both colors) will flash 3times, and the battery will default to sleep mode.
  • Charging Short Circuit Protection: If the charger is short circuited while charging the battery will default to OFF mode , stop charging and battery light (both colors) will flash 6 times.
  • Lock and unlock function: To lock the battery, press the button 5 times in succession in 2 seconds.The led light (both colors) will flash 3 times. repeat this procedure or recharge unlock.


  • Battery care: Do not Store the battery in a hot or humid environment.. Do not drop or puncture the battery. Do not force battery connection to other attachments.

Warning: Always keep battery dry and away from moisture. Do not dismantle or expose the battery compartment-this will result in malfunction. If the indicator light displays ON continuously or product becomes hot- immediately disconnect the battery from the tank to break the electric conection.

Colors available in stainless steel w/black carbon fiber, w/red carbon fiber, w/blue carbon fiber, w/grey carbon fiber
Physical Specifications
Dimensions L: 83.5mm x D: 22mm
Weight 3.6oz

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