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3D Bling Series Kit #0004

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Product Code: 3D-BV-KIT-0004
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The 3D Series offers a unique method to change your customized crystal vape whenever needed. Following the concept of a cell phone case, the sleeve is constructed of a high quality fabirc material then applied with beautifully designed crystals and other essentials. With this advantage, you can take your bling vape and change them onto another Ego-C Spinner or Vision Spinner 650mAh battery whenever you needed, continously enjoying your personalized vape.

Note: Expect a delivery time of anywhere from 7-10 business days. Most crystallized designs are custom hand-made and may not be readily available.

  • Machine Cut (MC) AB crystals and other small accessories
  • Crystals are packed closely to use up as much space as possible
  • Glue is waterproof
  • Includes extra spare crystals if some come off
  • Easy to clean

What is included:

**Please read the tips tab for further care and proper handling.**

What materials are used?

There is different combinations or unique materials that may be used. Usually each item describes what type of material it contains. In some instances, genuine Swarovski crystals may be used, machine cut crystals as well as pearls and other materials.

Are these handmade?

Yes! They are individually custom hand-made per order. Our artists are experienced designers who dedicate more than 5 hours for each device or product.

I noticed there is different prices, aren't they all the same?

Each individual design is created based on the type of material used, such as size of the crystals, the grade of crystals or materials, and the attentiveness to details. We ensure to help customers determine the different price range by the description of each design. Smaller sized crystals will require additional effort as they are more diffcult to apply as well as the amount needed to fill the spaces. Also, when smaller crystals are used, better imagery can be revealed for designs that contain certain shapes and objects. Higher grade crystals provide a better shine and vibrant colors. Crystals such as Swarovski can vary in value depending on how much was applied. Vivid Smoke does not make claims such as "Swarovski-like," or state Swarovski if they are not embedded in our designs unless specified. Swarovski mix represents there is a mixture of genuine Swarovski and other quality materials used.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

Since they are carefully designed and created per item, it can take 7-10 business days. Once completed, we normally ship your order within 24-48hrs. Unfortunately we cannot expedite the order, however depending on the volume of orders, the item may finish before the expected timeframe.

Can I request for a custom design?

We normally can accept custom designs. Certain circumstances, we may decline the order due to the high volume. However, if you have a design in mind, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to cater to your request!

  1. Although you can take them off and change them onto other batteries, it's always best to be careful when handling them. The crystals and other materials are applied with a durable glue, but they're not bulletproof! So please try to refrain from using too much force.
  2. Some batteries are easier to slide on and off. Usually the easiest ones are finshes that are stainless steel, as there is not much friction versus paint finishes.
  3. You can clean them using soap and water with care. The glue is waterproof, however the fabric will get wet and is best to try and dry as much as possible.
  4. When the sleeve is off the battery, refrain from applying pressure, or flexing the sleeve. It is glued on a fabric and the glue itself can separate which can cause crystals to break off.

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